Friday, February 5, 2010

Jesus' Revelation to St. Matilda about the Eucharist

"At the moment of Consecration I come down first in such deep humility that there is no one at Mass, no matter how despicable and vile he may be, towards whom I do not humbly incline and approach, if he desires Me to do so and prays for it;

Secondly, I come down with such great patience that I suffer even My greatest enemies to be present and grant them the full pardon of all their sins, if they wish to be reconciled with Me;

Thirdly, I come with such immense love that no one of those present can be so hardened that I do not soften his heart and enkindle it with My love, if he wishes Me to do so;

Fourthly, I come with such inconceivable liberality that none of those present can be so poor that I would not enrich him abundantly;

Fifthly, I come with such sweet food that no one ever so hungry should not be refreshed and fully satiated by Me;

Sixthly, I come with such great light and splendor that no heart, how blinded soever it may be, will not be enlightened and purified by My presence;

Seventhly, I come with such great sanctity and treasures of grace that no one, however inert and indevout he may be, should not be roused from this state."

~ Jesus to St. Matilda ~

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