Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa: Our Lord Pleads for Eucharistic Reparation

Our Lord pleads for Eucharistic Reparation. An excerpt from the full-length documentary on Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa who was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 2004 and has been proposed by the universal church as a patron for the youth. Blessed Alexandrina's great love of Our Lord's Real Presence in the Eucharist is very relevant for today.

Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa jumped from a window in her home so as to protect her purity from three attackers. It was the result of this fall that saw her eventually bedridden for life and her incredible mission of offering her life of suffering as a Victim Soul.

Taken from the full length documentary on the life of Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa produced by Mary's Dowry Productions, this excerpt shows the incredible phenomenon of the Cross that mysteriously appeared at Balasar. Many hundreds of people have taken earth from this Cross over the years but it still remains and defies all attempts to erradicate it. Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa's life and mission was linked closely to this phenomenon.

This is a trailer for a 56 minute documentary on the life and message of Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa who is also known in Portugal as the Fourth Seer of Fatima. This film has been produced by Mary's Dowry Productions to promote the life and message of this Blessed, closely linked to the message of Fatima, strong advocate of the First Saturday devotions and Fatima message. A victim soul, she suffered mystically the Passion of Christ every Friday although paralized from the age of 14 having jumped from a high window to escape intruders and protect her purity. More information at

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